The following article appeared in the OHIO BARBER'S NEWS January, 1963

Think You've Had It Tough? Tush! Tush!

So you think you have troubles?  Brother, you ain't seen nothin' yet!

If you think your life has been rough, compare notes with Barber I.J. Barwick who plies his trade in Four Shears Barber Shop on Portage Trail in Cuyahoga Falls. You will discover you have been in Paradise and didn't even know it. 

Barwick's absorption of punishments, tortures and hardships makes Edgar Allen Poe's horror stories read like Sunday School papers. That he is alive to tell of his adventures constitutes nothing short of a miracle of major proportions.

As a British Army reservist, Barwick was called up for military service on Sept. 1, 1939 to begin a six-year nightmare. He was one of the last to be evacuated from the beach at Dunkirk by heroic British rescuers on May 31, 1940 but hellish as was that experience, it was a bed of roses when compared with what was to follow.

In the next year- starting on October 3- he sailed for Singapore as medical aid man with a supply outfit. A month after he landed, the British Army of Singapore surrendered, and Barwick became a Japanese prisoner of war. It was there that his real troubles started.

For the next three and a half years, Barwick was shunted through various Japanese work camps in the jungles of Thailand and surrounding territory under suffering and hardships that actually defy description. 

His fellow prisoners died around him by the thousands from the cruel beatings, lack of food, 16-hour workdays and tropical diseases. Even Barwick does not know how he managed to survive this awful ordeal.  But finally came the end of the war and freedom for the few remaining prisoners. 

Barwick has written a book about his war adventures, but he has not yet found a publisher for it. The reason could be that its contents are beyond belief and human understanding. 

Anyway, if you drop in at Four Shears Barber Shop and you feel like griping about how life has used you--DON'T! In the legitimate gripe department, you probably are just a rank amateur.



Dad1962B.jpg (25199 bytes)

Left- Barber I.J. Barwick displays the 20-patched shorts he wore after three and a half years of torture in (Japanese) prison camps in steaming jungles.


Right- After five weeks of good food following his release, he had brought his weight up to 95 pounds when this picture was taken.