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Singapore, before the storm.


After an air-raid on the civil airport at Kalang, smoke drifts over the city

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Photo of  I.J. Barwick taken in the shrub at Holland Road Camp, Singapore

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Photo of I.J.'s son Bobby with Dad's gear.   When I.J. showed this to a Japanese soldier, the soldier threw it in the mud.

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Photo17.jpg (20166 bytes) Left: British officers march to surrender carrying white flag.


Right: Signing the unconditional surrender of British troops.

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Left: British troops surrendering their arms.


Right: British troops march into captivity.

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Allied POWs.  Probably taken at Selerang Barrack Square.

Selerang Barracks, 1942 - where the Japanese herded 16,000 Allied P.O.W.s into an area built for 800 men.  This photo was taken secretly by a prisoner, buried for three years and recovered after the war.

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Photo5.jpg (8629 bytes) Changi Jail, Singapore



The Railway of Death
16,000 P.O.W.s died to build this railway:

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The Tamarkan Bridge on the railway, was made of bamboo and built without any heavy equipment.

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The Railway of Death as it looks today:


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