Imagine This:

You're a 34-year old man, thousands of miles from home
  and family.

The world is at war and you experience horrific

A brutal enemy has taken you prisoner and you see
  unimaginable cruelties.
You and your comrades are marched into the Thai jungle
  and forced to build a railroad to suit your enemy's
You are starving and suffer horrific diseases such as
Cholera, Beri beri, Dysentary and Malaria.
Men are dying all around you. Will you live to see the
next sunrise? In the end, 3,000 will die.
You have almost no medical training or supplies and
yet you are responsible for the health of your
You don't know if your family is surviving the
  bombings at home and they have no clue that you are
still alive.
It will be three and a half years until you are
rescued - one of the very few to survive.
You weigh 90 pounds and death is near when you finally
  get proper medical treatment.

What would you do?



This man survived the war, but as so many other World War II veterans, he suffered the after affects. His memories tortured him. His method of coping was pen and paper. He recorded his experiences during the war and left his family a legacy. What remains is a compelling piece of non-fiction, written by an unassuming, and gentle man who has seen the horrors of war.

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